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7 GB* storage space + RealPlayer Basic + Apps.
100% FREE Sign up - Use and test everything!
* 2 GB + additional five gigabytes (5 GB) if you enable Auto Upload.
You can easily upgrade and get more storage space.

What is RealTimes?

RealTimes - A new Breakthrough!

RealTimes is the successor of RealPlayer and RealPlayer Cloud.

RealTimes helps you capture and share life's adventures with no effort by automatically creating beautiful and engaging video Stories from your photos and videos. You can also edit them, add special effects, titles, and even add custom music to tell the Story your way.

Backup everything automatically into your RealCloud, a private cloud drive that you can access on any smartphone, tablet, PC or TV. They automatically get organized in an easy-to-navigate timeline, and you can create your own albums to keep collections together.

Behind it all is the RealPlayer technology that allows you to share your Stories, photos and videos with anyone on any device, and lets them watch it even if they don't have the app!

RealTimes auto converts your photo and video files to fit the screen and format of whatever device you're reliving your life on - no worries, it just works!

RealTimes was launched on May 19, 2015.

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Benefits of RealTimes

Using RealTimes you can easily:
  • Download the latest RealPlayer
    Always use the best and newest RealPlayer. You can download RealPlayer Basic with the free account or download the premium RealPlayer Plus with one of the paid cloud storage plans.
  • MOVE your videos between any device
    Easily and instantly move your videos to any device (e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet) by uploading them to the cloud.
  • WATCH videos on any device
    RealTimes is powered by SurePlay* to ensure that videos are automatically formatted perfectly to any device (e.g. Android smartphones, Windows Smartphones, Apple iPhones, iPads, Windows tablets,..).
  • WATCH videos on TV
    Watch your videos or your friends' videos on your big screen TV without connecting to your computer! This is possible through Chromecast or Roku, no wires required.
  • SHARE Videos with your friends
    RealTimes lets you easily share your videos no matter how long they are.
    You can share your videos privately or public via the social networks Facebook, Twitter, and more.
    Your friends who receive your videos wonÂ’t need a RealTimes account or app to watch them!
  • DISCOVER hot trending videos from across the web.
  • Download videos locally for access anywhere.

FREE RealTimes service

The FREE RealTimes service comes with RealPlayer Basic and 7 GB of storage space.

Paid Storage Plans for RealTimes

If you want more storage space you can easily upgrade to a paid plan after your FREE Sign up of RealTimes.
All the paid plans include the download of the advanced RealPlayer 17 Plus with premium features.
Plan Cloud Storage Price/month Price/year
RealTimes Premium 25 GB $4.99/month $49/year
(save 18%)
RealTimes Unlimited Unlimited $9.99/month $59.88/year

FREE RealTimes Apps

Your friends and family are able to watch your shared videos on any device or operating system, without downloading a RealTimes app.

To manage RealTimes on your device you can download one or more of the free specific RealTimes apps for smartphones and tablet computers, e.g. Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Windows app.

Sign up to RealTimes first before downloading your app and earn extra free storage space with installing the app.
Apple App store Android app on Google Play Kindle Fire app Windows store

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