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RealPlayer SP Plus for Mac OS X
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RealPlayer for Mac

RealPlayer SP for Mac OS X version is similar to RealPlayer for Windows, playing RealAudio/RealVideo and supporting QuickTime media, AAC, MP3 and Windows Media.

Some features of RealPlayer for Mac OS X are:
  • Near DVD-Quality Video - Crisp, clean video quality of RealVideo® 10 with any Internet connection.
  • Graphic EQ - Take control of your music with a superb 10-EQ Band and optimize your sound exactly the way you like. Adjust your graphic equalizer for room size, input type and much more.
  • Easy, Familiar & Fun - The new RealPlayer behaves just like your other Mac applications, so searching and playing media is easy.
  • Theater Mode - Go straight to full-screen Theater Mode or size the video window inside RealPlayer.
  • QuickTime Playback - Use RealPlayer to listen and watch to all your QuickTime files. RealPlayer for Mac is all you need!
  • WebCore - RealPlayer SP for Mac OS X supports also web browsing via Apple's WebCore, now Safari and RealPlayer share the same cookies.
  • Safari-based browser - RealPlayer for Mac has an integrated Safari-based media browser.

Note: The latest RealPlayer for Mac works with Mac OS X; Mac OS 9 users need RealPlayer 8.
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