Download the latest Media Players (from the official download sites)

Looking for free popular or alternative audio & video media players? Find and download here the best & newest most used audio & video players. Most media players are free to download!
Tip: If you have already installed one or more audio & video media players, check for new player versions with the links on this page.
The latest software versions gives you the best user experience and are expected to be most secure.

Adobe Players

Adobe has many downloadable media players for Web Browsers. Tip: You can create your own Flash Player content with Adobe Flash CS4 Professional.

Apple Players

Get access to Apple's iTunes Store with the iTunes player. It is free to download.
Install QuickTime Player to play QuickTime audio and video files.

DivX Player

The DivX Player is a dedicated standalone media player for DivX encoded video.

GOM Media Player

With GOM Media Player from GOM Lab Software you can play a lot of media formats and even broken AVI files with GOM's patented technology.

Gnash Player

Gnash is the Free Software Foundation's alternative Adobe Flash player. You can download and run Gnash standalone on a desktop or an embedded device, as well as a plug-in for web browsers.

Miro Player - HD Quality

Miro is an open source HD video player with a nice interface. You can download Miro 100% free.
The HD quality lets you watch cristall clear movies and TV shows, even in fullscreen. The Miro player can play all popular video formats, e.g. AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, WMV, XVID, and more.

Napster Player

Napster is a digital music service to download millions of songs.

Quintessential Media Player

Quintessential Media Player (QMP) from Quinware is a media player for Microsoft Windows.

RealPlayer -  Editor's Pick 

RealPlayer from RealNetworks (RealOne) is probably the best cross-platform media player available. Real Player is the first player to download videos with only one simple button click.

Songbird Player

Songbird is an open-source music player. You can customize Songbird with downloadable free add-ons. Some of the more popular add-ons are LyricMaster and MediaFlow.

VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player from VideoLAN is a free and open source cross-platform media player.

WinAmp Media Player

Winamp is a freeware media player written by Nullsoft, a subsidiary of Time Warner. It is skinnable and supports multimedia formats.

Windows Media Player

Microsoft Windows media player is pre-installed on most Windows systems. You can download and install the version for Mac or your Mobile or update to the latest version.

Note: If you are a webmaster, learn how to Download & Embed a Media Player into your website.